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Is Your Bike NEW?

Get Exclusionary Coverage!

Strategic has the coverage you need.

This type of coverage is for new retail units and covers everything on the unit unless it is listed in the exclusions section of your contract

Is Your Bike Pre-Owned?

Get Stated Coverage!

You Choose the Coverage You Want.

This type of coverage is for Pre-Owned retail units and covers the items specifically listed in the schedules of coverage section of your contract

Let's Ride



Lubricating System

Primary Drive

Final Drive






Fuel Systems


and so much more..

What's Covered?


Ride is Here for you  

             We have extended service programs (warranties) for you motorcycle. This program provides after market coverage for motorcycles.  


             We know that RIDE is the best way for you to keep the fun going. RIDE is here to keep your lifestyle going.  With RIDE you will be back on the road in no time. This is important for not just for the fun times but also for you piece of mind and comfort. 


             Many other programs claim to be the 'best extended service program' for motorcycles, however they haven't checked out RIDE. With RIDE you are covered for years past the manufacture warranty and other competitors.  


            What is an extended warranty with exclusionary coverage and why should I have it for my motorcycle? 

  • Extended Warranties or extended service programs with exclusionary coverage are programs or contracts that prolong the warranty period, coverage is on everything except what is listed as excluded

  • Many extended warranties only prolong the life of a warranty for 1-2 years and restrict usage. 

  • Getting an Extended Warranty on your motorcycle allows for less down time.  

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