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Welcome to Strategic Edge

The Edge Extended Protection Program is now Available!

This program is designed to Extend Protection from repair on your Lawn and Turf Equipment. 

We want to ensure that all residential mowers have the protection they need

Extended Warranty

Strategic Edge

Residential Mower Term Options

​​3 Years/300 Hours 

4 Years/400 Hours 

5 Years/500 Hours 

6 Years/600 Hours

7 Years/700 Hours

From zero hours and in-service date

What's Covered?

Strategic Edge is designed to cover mostly Everything!



Wheel Drive Mechanism

Blade Drive Mechanism




Hydraulic Systems 

Hoses and Fittings

and more...

Riding Mower
Riding Mower, lawn mower, landscape design

Strategic Edge  is available on select riding mowers and brands.  When shopping for a new mower be sure to ask your dealer for the Strategic Edge program.

If your dealer is not a program provider, tell you want this coverage and have them call us. We will set them up to get you the coverage you want.

P: 833-MY-TOYS-1

     833 -698-6971


EDGE is Here for you  

             We have extended protection programs (warranties) for your lawn mowers.  Riding mowers are covered under Edge for 3-7 years this is unheard of in the industry.  

             Many plans only cover an additional 1-2 years.  Breakdowns are inevitable, EDGE protects your riding mower and provides you with piece of mind.  


             Many other programs claim to be the 'best extended service program' for riding mowers, however they haven't checked out EDGE. With EDGE you are covered for years past the manufacturer's warranty and other competitors.  


         What is an extended warranty and why should I have it for my mower? 

  • Extended Warranties or extended protection programs are programs that prolong the warranty period on certain items. 

  • Many extended warranties only prolong the life of a warranty for 1-2 years and restrict usage. 

  • Getting an Extended Warranty on your mower allows for less down time. 

    • For residential customers Edge is best for ensuring that your investment in a mower is not "thrown out the window" with the first breakdown.

We are the Exclusive Program Provider of Bad Boy Mowers Extended Service Program


*Strategic Edge is not available on Bad Boy Products, click the Bad Boy Logo for Bad Boy Program details

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