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Welcome to the Powered by Strategic Program. Powered has every toy you can imagine covered!

We are proud to announce the EDGE program is now available for Commercial Users.

With Powered your investments in motored toy are safe.  We are able to cover 4x4, riding mowers, motorcycles and RVs and Travel Trailers



WE ARE Here for you  

             We have extended service programs (warranties) for your powered toys.  Our extended warranties cover you for 3-7 years for certain products, this is unheard of in the industry.  


             Many other Companies claim to be the 'best extended service program', however they haven't checked out Strategic. With EDGE, EDGE PRO, POWER, & RIDE you are covered for years past the manufacture warranty and other competitors.  


         What is an extended warranty and why should I have it for my toy? 

  • Extended Warranties or extended service programs are programs or contracts that prolong the warranty period on certain items. 

  • Many extended warranties only prolong the life of a warranty for 1-2 years and restrict usage. 

  • Getting an Extended Warranty on your toy allow for less down time both working and fun. 

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